Planting Tips & Instructions
Trees & Shrubs
> Dig your planting hole at least six inches larger than the
rootball on all sides.
> The depth of the hole should allow the finished level of soil to
be at the same height as it was grown.
Balled and Burlap
>Plant with Burlap in place
> Fill hole around rootball about half way and water deeply
> untie all strings and ropes from around the plant then fold
back the burlap tucking under to soil
> If there is a wire basket fold back the loops and tuck them
under the soil
> Fill the remaining hole with good soil and water deeply
once more using a root stimulator
Fibre Pots
>Always leave in place when planting!
>Break away the top portion of the pot and make three slits in
the sides of the pot about halfway up from the bottom
>Water thoroughly adding a root stimulator
Plastic Pots
>Water thoroughly before removing the plastic container
> if the plant does not remove easily tap the sides and the
bottom of the pot lightly
>Dig hole 1 1/2 times larger than pot. Use a quality soil
around roots. Water thoroughly.
planted trees & shrubs, Water Deeply, twice

Remember: A tree will last forever if properly cared
for. Plant a tree today, breathe easier tomorrow.